A growing number of B2B marketers are not keeping track of their campaigns’ return on investment (ROI), a new survey shows.

According to a study by Emailvision, more than a third of marketers do not make use of metrics to gauge the success of their marketing strategies or to see if their campaigns are resulting in an increase in sales or leads.

Despite this, however, more than three-quarters (81 per cent) of respondents said they are under increasing pressure to measure the success rate of their email marketing campaigns.

Nick Gold, UK managing director at Emailvision, said: “Companies need to look at the fundamental elements of their strategy such as targeting the right people with the right message, achieving high deliverability and ongoing testing to get the most from campaigns.”

He also pointed out that marketing companies need to go “back to basics” in order to make sure that their campaign strategies are effective.

A recent survey from Serif found that more than half of small firms conduct “DIY marketing”.

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