The current climate of economic uncertainty should force B2B marketers to re-examine their strategies and encourage them to “mail smarter”, an industry expert has advised.

According to Dave Nelson from marketing firm ALC, with response rates ostensibly weakening, B2B marketers should be strategic in the way they mail clients and ensure that they test their mailing lists.

Writing on B to B Magazine, he advised marketers to tackle inflation head on by using inkjet messages to assure worried clients that prices will not be increased.

Mr Nelson also stressed that in order to increase client retention, marketers should make mail interesting and relevant to individual needs and strike the right balance between under communicating and flooding consumers.

“Ask the customer how often she wants to be mailed: monthly, quarterly, [or] twice a year,” Mr Nelson said. “Respect the customer’s wishes and set up customisable contact strategies.”

According to business coach and consultant Bea Fields, marketers should spend 30 minutes each day talking to existing clients about their needs, likes and dislikes, and implement the feedback in their overall marketing strategy.

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