An increasing number of B2B marketers plan to raise their international marketing budgets this year, a new survey has found.

A poll of 274 marketers by B to B magazine found that 60 per cent plan to increase their budget by between one and ten per cent, while 24.8 per cent anticipate a budget increase of between 11 and 20 per cent.

Just under one in ten (8.8 per cent) plan to increase their budget by 21 to 30 per cent, while 6.4 per cent expect a budget increase of more than 30 per cent.

Almost seven in ten (69.7 per cent) marketers surveyed said that they do not have a web presence in languages other than English, while 58.4 per cent say they do not have marketing materials in other languages.

Speaking to B to B magazine, Kevin Keyes, director of international operations at Phoenix Software International, admitted that language translation is one of the biggest challenges faced by international marketers.

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