B2B marketing professionals have been advised to improve their world-of-mouth marketing by identifying their best referral sources.

Barbara Bix, a B2B strategic marketing consultant and principal of BB Marketing Plus, said firms should isolate referral sources that are likely to hear about or witness a need for their services and help them recognise profitable sales leads.

“Just because someone knows you or has done business with you, it doesn’t necessarily mean that person will recognise a need for your services,” Ms Bix commented on Marketing Profs.

“Help such people refer business to you by describing the problems you address.”

Marketers were also advised to tell prospective referrers stories to help them get a deeper sense of who can help and then enable them to get a sense for their company’s services before the prospect begins to actively search for a solution.

In addition, referrers should be motivated, as some people are natural connectors but just need to be stimulated into action.

Writing in his Influential Marketing blog, industry guru Rohit Bhargav recently advised B2B marketing professionals to make sure they always reward repeat referrals.

Posted by Suzanne Stock – Communications Director, HR, Online Advertising, General Marketing