A host of leading marketing communications trade bodies have come together to form the B2B Best Practice Alliance, in a bid to raise the standards and profile of B2B marketing.

The initiative will provide a comprehensive set of best practice guidelines and professional advice free of charge for the first time, through a web-based source.

In the face of a changing industry, the alliance aims to make best practice guidelines – which are currently only available to trade association members – freely available to all.

Small firms carrying out in-house B2B marketing will benefit especially from this, the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) said.

The alliance covers 12 distinct areas of B2B marketing and includes the Internet Advertising Bureau, the Association of Business-to-Business Agencies and eight DMA councils.

Steve Dyer, chairman of the Best Practice Alliance, said: “Co-operation across a series of marketing disciplines and trade associations presents a fantastic opportunity for businesses to harness the power of B2B marketing more effectively.

“With free advice and guidance from independent experts, it will provide insight which is valuable to sole traders and multinationals alike.”

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