The majority of Britons believe that institutions such as banks and the government do not do enough to protect their personal information when online, new research shows.

According to a YouGov survey commissioned by VersiSign, 57 per cent of Britons believe domestic companies cannot be depended on to safeguard their personal data.

Almost half of Germans felt not enough is being done to protect sensitive data, followed by Sweden (31 per cent), France (27 per cent) and Denmark (20 per cent).

The findings revealed that 80 per cent of web users in Denmark, 77 per cent in Sweden, 72 per cent in France, 65 per cent in the UK and 57 per cent in Germany log on to websites where they share personal information at least once a week.

Jon Kerr, VeriSign SSL manager, UK said: “As online transactions increase, we need to acknowledge the importance of both technology and consumer behaviour in protecting personal details and monetary assets online.”

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