The quality of business lists is most important to the success of a direct mail campaign, one expert has told business-to-business marketers.

Bob Bly, an independent copywriter and consultant with extensive experience in the B2B direct marketing sector, recently wrote for Business Management Daily.

He suggested that before campaigners start worrying about the form their letters will take, the standard of their business lists should be examined carefully.

“A great mailing package, with superior copy and scintillating design, might pull double the response of a poorly conceived mailing,” Mr Bly wrote.

Going on to point out: “But the best list can pull a response ten times more than the worst list for the identical mailing piece.”

In a recently-published issue, DMNews goes along with the view that business lists can make or break a campaign.

“Lists will always be at the core of a success¬ful marketing campaign,” said the publication.

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