Marketers should state their intentions clearly on their communications in order to maintain an honest relationship with those on their mailing lists, an expert has suggested.

Andy Thorpe, customer accounts manager at Pure360, explained that in order to prevent the attrition of emailing lists, firms need to explain their goals in the body of their communications.

Writing in, he noted that marketers can even request to be placed in clients’ own safe mailing lists or address books to ensure that their messages reach the intended destination safely.

“If [clients] double-opted in for a specific subject from you and they shop with you all the time, you probably have a lot of trust already,” Mr Thorpe said.

“If someone didn’t un-tick the third party opt-in box on a sign-up form and got put on your list, you’ll probably have to go to town and stick an unsubscribe link up there too.”

An InfoPrint Solutions survey conducted by Forrester Consulting recently found that personalised direct mail communications have a higher chance of securing campaign success.

Matthew Collins, Technical Director – IT Data Cleaning, Hygiene, Analytics, Databases

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