B2B marketers should always ensure that they include a cover letter in their direct mail campaigns, an industry figure has suggested.

Sales lead expert Mac McIntosh said that cover letters are essential whenever marketers send out printed literature and should always form part of the direct marketing mix.

He advised marketers to use a cover letter to acknowledge requests and to specifically encourage the reader to “take the next action”.

Writing on Sales Leads Experts, the marketing guru also highlighted the importance of always maintaining contact with leads and being on the look out for other avenues of gaining businesses.

“If your company’s B2B sales are influenced by more than one contact [at a] prospect company, consider including a question on all reply forms asking for the names of others at their company who would like to receive information on your products or services,” Mr McIntosh said.

He added that these names should then be added to marketers’ databases or mailing lists for future campaigns.

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