Direct mail along with email marketing can play a key role in carefully planned “drip” campaigns, an expert has said.

According to Rick Cook, offline and online platforms have a role to play in repeated efforts to reach customers regularly when orchestrated through well-targeted marketing drives.

However, writing on, Mr Cook pointed out that drip marketing can be much more than just email and can also include direct mail communications, newsletters, telephone calls and even onsite visits.

He also stressed that when using email, marketers have to ensure that their communications are being delivered to the intended recipients.

“Email is a particularly tricky business because of spam’s current choke hold on email campaigns. In fact, most people who get a message from a company with whom they’re not familiar are likely to assume it’s spam.”

Another problem inherent in email marketing is the issue of malicious emails, which have made people wary of opening attachments such as newsletters or reports, Mr Cook added.


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