Marketers should always make sure their have permission to send direct mail otherwise it could be perceived as intrusive, an expert has warned.

According to Michelle Nicholson, owner of Whiz Bang Boom Promotions, firms should alert new recipients on client forms that they will be receiving communications, so they know what to expect.

Writing on Cebus, she also advised marketers to tell clients specifically what the communications will look like – whether newsletters, relevant emails or mailings – and encourage them to spread the word.

“The best direct mail gives readers the option to forward the information to friends,” Ms Nicholson explained.

“Be sure to create a system that allows for the message: ‘Your friend Bob thought you may be interested’.”

She noted that such qualified referrals in the sales industry can prove to be “invaluable” to marketers.

Ann Pruitt, an associate at 60 Second Communications, recently advised marketers to choose the right words for their marketing campaigns in order to improve their chances of success.

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