Marketers should not be too quick to discard offline direct mail in favour of online promotions, an expert has said.

David Jeffries, marketing director at Pitney Bowes, pointed out that offline marketing techniques are just as effective in attracting business and can even be used to draw people to online services.

Writing in, he said that direct mail is subtle, clean, quick and simple to read, as well as being easy to digest.

Mr Jeffries suggested that marketers can combine direct mail with other forms of marketing, but should always take care to ensure that their campaigns are as relevant as possible.

“The attention economy demands relevancy and timeliness – the multi-channel approach can be highly effective but in order to hit home, messages must be targeted and timed to land at the apposite moment.”

“As ever, data accuracy is the key and any half-measures at the data management and analysis stage will quickly become apparent in the final message.”

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