Firms planning their direct mail campaigns for the near future should not shy away from collaborating with direct mailing services, according to one industry figure.

Ian Geary is one of the founding members of the Direct Marketing Association of South Africa – he thinks that direct mailing services should be working closely with the creative forces behind campaigns to ensure the delivery of a satisfactory product.

Mr Geary has highlighted the benefit of appointing a direct mail specialist when planning campaigns.

He explained to Marketing Web: “When developing a direct mail campaign, in-depth consultation is needed between the agency developing the direct mail campaign and the supplier tasked with its execution in terms of getting it delivered to the recipient on time and in the format it was intended.

“Working with a thoroughly experienced direct mail specialist can save the agency and client money, time and their reputations.”

The UK’s DMA recently published its maiden Financial Services Tracking Study, which highlighted the successful use of direct marketing in the financial services sector.

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