If you find yourself in the wonderful position of having too much business, and you simply have no desire to increase your number of customers and prospects, this article is probably not for you. Go put your feet up and have a cocktail.

If you’re still with me, you know this is rarely the case. Your job is never done, and there’s always room for improvement.

Every week I speak with a wide range of companies, many of which are SMEs. It’s my job to find out how they’re doing, and to see how our data solutions could help them and their business. Many tell me something along the lines of “Oh, we’re fine. There’s plenty of work coming in and we’re just extremely busy at the moment.”

Excellent! That’s fantastic. But when I then ask “So what marketing activity do you have coming up that will encourage new business?”, I receive a variety of answers:

“We’re just too busy.”

“We just don’t have the budget.”

“We simply don’t have enough staff.”

“We’re concentrating on our existing clients.”

“Oh, I’m sure something will come up eventually…”

This isn’t so fantastic.

Maybe you feel you don’t need to do any marketing right now. Maybe you don’t want to. But one thing is for certain: your competition will be.

If you’re not actively promoting your company, you’re going backwards. It may not be apparent straight away, but ask yourself: “What might happen six months down the line?”

Don’t get me wrong – it’s great that you have such a strong and reliable existing client base. But you know that client who is keeping you really busy? The one that you’re sure will never take their business elsewhere? Well, their new finance director now wants greater cost savings, and thanks to a well-timed and targeted piece of marketing from one of your competitors, he feels it’s time to try something new.

Let’s say you lose that client. You now have a gap in your client base to fill. Is there anything in the pipeline to fill it? Probably not. Nobody knows who you are as you haven’t been promoting yourself!

You need to persistently get yourself seen and make yourself heard by the right people. To reach the right people requires sending the right message using the right contact list.

Having a budget to spend on data, whether it’s to update your existing contacts or buy in new high-quality data, will reward you with new enquiries, more conversions and more money in the bank.

And those people who stopped reading at the start? They may be out of business before they finish their piña colada.


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