Email is a more effective way to promote a brand compared to social networking sites, a new report suggests.

According to a study by ExactTarget and CoTweet, consumers have grown accustomed to using email and because they are familiar with the technology, they are more comfortable using it as a way to interact with brands.

The report found that consumers typically use email for two types of brand interaction: obtaining promotions and deals. Eight in ten (82 per cent) consumers said they will search a variety of online channels to obtain deals and promotions.

Meanwhile, just 17 per cent of consumers said they use Facebook to search for ongoing deals, with three per cent saying they search for promotions on Twitter.

In term of age, Millennials (aged 15 to 24) are twice as likely to subscribe to email as part of their search for ongoing deals (56 per cent), as they are to search for promotions on Facebook (28 per cent).

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