There are a number of areas in which the UK’s marketers could improve their campaigns, the results of a new study suggest.

The dotMailer annual benchmark study, entitled Hitting the Mark, has identified a number of ways in which email campaigners could enhance the messages they send out to recipients.

It was found that 71 per cent failed to personalise their messages, missing out on an opportunity to connect with targets.

Other marketers are not spreading their marketing drive effectively, as indicated by the 50 per cent who do not allow recipients to forward on emails to friends or other parties that might be interested.

Tink Taylor, dotMailer’s business development director and a member of the Direct Marketing Association’s Email Marketing Council, suggested that many companies are not taking simple measures which could vastly improve their return on investment.

He said: “Whilst the 2009 report shows improvements in certain areas, it’s evident that many of the retailers that we assessed have not taken steps to improve their email marketing campaigns.”

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