Incorporating videos into email marketing campaigns can have a “powerful” effect, an expert has claimed.

John Cruz, founder of ImageMind Software, said using video content in an online marketing strategy can help firms significantly increase response rates to their campaigns.

He also pointed out that such strategies can help rouse emotion from audiences, which is what usually inspires people to go through with purchase decisions or exercise major business judgements.

Mr Cruz pointed out that very few people are now opening text-based emails, so the next step for businesses to take is to make use of rich media email with professional HTML templates and extensive reporting features.

“The next logical progression for online marketing is streaming video email campaigns sent directly to targeted communities,” he said.

Ciaran Deering, head of online media at advertising agency TCS Media, recently said that there needs to be more effective metrics for the web-based marketing industry.

Daryl Jay, Business Development Director – Sales, Industry News, General Marketing

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