There are many powerful and low-cost ways in which you can fill your sales funnel…

  1. You can gather together all of the juicy leads from the people that visited your exhibition stand and expressed a genuine interest in your products or services. You probably completed an enquiry form for each prospect and stapled their business card to it.
  2. You can compile a list of the exhibitors and visitors that wanted to find out more about your offering when you visited the exhibition or trade fair that you knew would be a magnet for your ideal clients.
  3. You can follow-up diligently on all of the referrals passed to you from your networking colleagues. Okay, some are definitely in the Champions’ League whilst others are only unfit for relegation but you won’t know until you’ve tried.
  4. You can extend your power on LinkedIn beyond simply accepting the ubiquitous invitations to link up and actually compose a list of folk that you have a sneaking suspicion could be in the running for engaging your services or buying your products.
  5. You can add some purposeful call to action tweets amongst your usual fare of sharing useful tips and general chitchat.
  6. You can buy or rent a high-quality, squeaky clean B2B mailing list which comprises the profile of businesses that you know need what you offer. (Please talk to us won’t you if this is on your marketing agenda. Our B2B lists are incredibly accurate and legally compliant)
  7. You can get back in touch with lapsed clients to update them on your latest shiniest offering – the one that will make them sufficiently curious to want to find out more.
  8. You can contact all of those prospects that were interested enough to contact you. They may have completed the neat little form on your website expressing an interest or, telephoned, perhaps sent an e-mail but for one reason or another they did not convert into paying clients.
  9. You can contact your existing clients because how many are aware of the breadth of your services or products? If you were to present them with the dazzling array of your full offering, would it surprise them? “Heck I didn’t know that you offered this too.”
  10. You can establish mutually beneficial relationships with potential influencers, introducers, strategic partners. Call them what you like but they are simply business people that can introduce you to their clients.


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