Email marketing professionals have been advised that sticking rigidly to best practice could be holding them back.

According to Media Post blogger DJ Waldow, thinking outside the box can often lead to new ways of delivering results and marketers should consider what works best for them, not blindly follow the marketing manual.

“People always want to know what the best practice for subject lines or calls-to-action or copy is,” he said.

“As email marketing advisers, we often lead with the standard answer of ‘it depends’.”

Indeed, the blogger added that optimising email pre-headers can be a great way to ensure open rates are improved for marketers.

Elsewhere, Rogier van der Veen, UK business development manager for customer relations management system Clang, recently claimed that the initial contact of email marketing professionals must be right.

He argued that failure to get this connection spot on can lead to future correspondence being blocked.

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