Gift cards and loyalty voucher schemes can help businesses to attract new customers, one industry organisation has said.

Further trade can often be generated by both online and offline prepay gift cards, explained the Voucher Association (VA).

According to Andrew Johnson, director general of the VA, to make online gift cards a success companies will have to use a system that combines various aspects of marketing and customer databases.

If this is achieved and a central database of customers is generated and then used to keep track of gift card distribution and spending, employing a scheme would prove worthwhile.

Mr Johnson commented: “If we look at the US, where gift cards are more popular than they are in Europe, then generally you will find that small businesses, even with only one, two or three branches, are using gift cards to drive future business.”

The expert also added that business-to-business sector makes up approximately 40 per cent of the UK gift card market.


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