Consumers are storing increasing amounts of digital content on a wide range of platforms, a new survey reveals.

According to a study by KRC Research and Hitachi Global Storage Technologies, US consumers store an average of 907 songs, 924 photos, 25 films and seven games on a wide array of digital devices.

The number of stored songs by US consumers has increased by 134 per cent since 2005; the amount of photos is up by 138 per cent, while the proportion of movies has gone up by 56 per cent.

Meanwhile, British consumers store an average of 502 songs, 466 photos, 14 films and eight games on various digital platforms.

The average value of a US consumer’s digital content is now $1,660 (£842) – up from $1,135 in 2005 – while consumers in Britain have stored digital content to the value of £600.

Raj Das, senior vice president of worldwide marketing at Hitachi, said: “Consumers are expected to continue generating data at an incredibly fast pace, as content is created, shared among colleagues, friends and family and then archived in multiple locations.”

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