Group testing is a key method marketers can use to measure the effectiveness of their online marketing campaigns, an industry expert has said.

According to David Baker, testing the effectiveness of email marketing on different groups provides a reliable means of methodically gauging the impact of promotional messages.

Writing on the Email Insider blog, he recommended that firms test email frequency by sending different quantities of messages to three separate groups, enabling them to see which strategy is most effective in terms of conversions and click-throughs.

“You can show a pure incremental change in segments and even isolate to [the] types of emails they receive,” Mr Baker said. “It’s not difficult to administer and just requires you to be consistent.”

According to 2007 Rendering Report by the Email Experience Council, 21 per cent of business and consumer emails showed up completely blank when images were turned off in email clients, 28 per cent of emails were sent with non-functioning links.

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