There are many benefits to having your sales leads distributed geographically on a map – the most obvious being that knowing where your best prospects are concentrated allows you to focus your sales resources on the areas with the greatest sales opportunity.

This will help your field sales reps massively. Future sales trips can be arranged just by looking at the map. “This postcode area has a very large amount of potential customers. Today I’m going to hithere, here aaaaaand here.” And then it’s on to the next region with a large density of prospects.

If telemarketing is on your agenda you could separate your team’s sales focus by different regions, or tailor your marketing content based on regional attitudes or language.

Another huge benefit is the ability to spot geographical gaps in your markets. If your current database contains leads that only populate certain areas but you gain the ability to see where other leads similar to these are concentrated, you have a great chance of getting ahead of the competition and increasing your sales.

Perhaps the most basic benefit of having your leads displayed geographically on a map is for use in presentations, just like those guys in the movies. It’s a lot more inspiring than a dull spread sheet.

But getting your list of sales leads (or your entire marketing database) onto a map has always been a problem in the past. That’s why at Marketscan we’ve added a new feature to their online data tool called SmartMap™, which lets you do everything I’ve mentioned in this article and more.

In terms of being able to make an online data selection from a business database of over 3 million records and then instantly view that selection on a map, it’s the first of its kind.

The business density in any area is represented by a colour on the map – the higher the density, the more intense the colour. The map is ‘interactive’ with pan and zoom functions and the ability to select the geographic level of the information displayed.

For the map to be of value in assessing the location of opportunities or distribution of markets, it must be possible to spot the geographic spread of any selection, whether it is national or regional, a few hundred or a hundred thousand addresses.

SmartMap™ provides an optimum solution by the use of ‘Intelligent Banding’, which automatically adjusts the band ranges to give the best possible display for any given selection.

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