Humour is the way to get your message noticed when marketing over the internet, according to a new study.

The research by Sharpe Partners, an interactive marketing firm, discovered that the most popular content for viral marketers to send is humorous material, with 88 per cent of people likely to forward such emails on.

Kathy Sharpe, Sharpe Partners CEO, said: “Humour is clearly the golden child of viral marketing, but it is also very subjective.

“That is why we recommend a viral conduit that allows the target to define the humour, rather than presuming that we always know what the audience will find funny.”

The study also revealed a huge frequency of content sharing on the web with 89 per cent of adult internet users in the US admitting to sharing content with others via email.

Other results showed that 63 per cent of the respondents share content at least once a week, with 25 per cent sharing items daily.

On top of this, three-quarters of those questioned admitted to having forwarded content to up to six other recipients.

Ms Sharpe added: “We knew a lot of people were sharing content, but we didn’t expect it to be so pervasive.

“But, the real challenge for interactive marketing firms like ours is developing content that these people will want to consistently share with a wide, yet focussed circle of acquaintances.”

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