Improved audience measurement systems will bring a greater level of consistency to the marketing and advertising industry, an expert has said.

Ciaran Deering, of online media and advertising agency TCS Media, explained that one industry-wide measurement system would be a positive step because some media buyers are currently relying on data from a number of different sources.

This means that there may be discrepancies across the board because people are using various measuring and monitoring packages.

Mr Deering also pointed out that improved targeting may encourage bigger brands to spend more online because they would be encouraged by the prospect of recognised and consistent sources buying their media.

“It may also help make the industry appear more professional, which is important for major advertisers with large budgets who are used to consistent measurement in other media channels,” Mr Deering said.

UK online measurement company UKOM recently announced that it will be joined by the Nielson Company to deliver an industry approved online audience planning system which launches next year.

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