An industry expert has urged marketers to develop the loyalty of consumers on their mailing lists.

Business specialist Elizabeth Wasserman said firms should not neglect to develop their customer loyalty strategies, as this plays a crucial part in achieving campaign success.

Writing in, she stressed that businesses should make winning the loyalty of customers a year-round effort but step up their strategies during the upcoming holiday season, as this is when consumers naturally tend to spend more.

“Start thinking about the next holiday season in January and make it a year-long effort to win the loyalty of customers so that they frequent your business year-round,” Ms Wasserman advised.

She also suggested that marketers can localise their holiday promotions by highlighting themes that may be of interest to local communities.

Writing in Marketing Profs this week, Jeanne Bliss founder of consulting firm CustomerBLISS, urged marketers to develop strong relationships with their consumers to prevent their mailing lists from contracting.

Posted by Daryl Jay, Business Development Director – Sales, Industry News, General Marketing