Marketing teams should use their analytical “left-side” of their brain to get their message across, according to one guru.

Peter Bernard says that with the growth of competing media formats with narrower customer groups than ever before, just being creative was not enough to make a company stand out in a campaign.

“This shift from mass to micro marketing presents both opportunities and challenges to market researchers,” said Mr Bernard in the Bios Magazine article.

“In their effort to market to customers on a one-to-one basis, market-driven companies must quickly make the move from creative, right-brain strategies to analytical, left-brain strategies.”

According to Mr Bernard, the growth of digital channels and internet sites, both of which tend to offer interactivity between consumer and company, means that marketing has changed.

He declared that targeting the correct audiences was now “an art in itself”, so that analysis of customer data was more important than ever to understand demographic trends.

By analysing such trends, Mr Bernard believes that companies will be able to “tailor” campaigns towards customers and “embrace this change and capitalise on the opportunity it presents”.

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