Marketers should make sure that they constantly monitor their brand reputation, an expert has said.

Consultant Jason Falls said the development of new media technologies means audiences are sharing their experiences, whether good or bad, in an increasingly diverse array of spaces, so marketers should be aware of how their brand is being portrayed.

He explained that an increasing number of consumers are turning to like-minded people for recommendations and referrals, so it is not just important but imperative for firms to know what is being said about their brand and interject if possible.

“You certainly can’t control the conversations, but you should at least have a participatory role in them or you’re dead in the water,” Mr Falls said.

He pointed out there are a number of free services available to help firms monitor discussions about their brands as well as more complex ones such Scout Labs, which is relatively low-cost but still very effective.

A recent survey from Tealeaf found that 13 per cent of respondents have posted negative reviews or comments on a blog.

Posted by Suzanne Stock – Communications Director, HR, Online Advertising, General Marketing

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