Marketers need to firstly understand their consumer base in order to decide which direct marketing channel will be most effective in their targeted campaings, an industry expert has advised.

According to Kursha Woodgate, managing director of Mexia Communications, marketers should profile the type of client they are aiming to reach in order to make sure that their marketing approach is tailored appropriately.

Writing in an article for SME Web, Ms Woodgate pointed out that marketers need to be sure about the message they want to get across, should set attainable targets and measure the impact of their campaigns.

“It might be monitoring enquiries from a direct mail campaign, increasing hits to a website or increasing sign-up for your customer newsletter,” she said.

According to Brad Lehrer, head of Brad Lehrer Designs, marketers have to ensure that their direct mail looks like a piece of “one-on-one communication” in order for their campaigns to have that personal touch.

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