The impact of the emergence of real-time search on the marketing industry is not yet fully clear, E-consultancy has said.
Jake Hird, senior research analyst at the company, explained that with real-time search, the stream is now almost instantaneous, but nobody knows how it is being indexed or what firms need to do to be indexed.

He went on to say that although the technology is still in a grey area at the moment, it will continue to develop and become much clearer over the course of this year.

B2B marketing firms keen on exploiting the benefits of search marketing were urged to make sure they continue to monitor their online brand profile.

“Even before they start putting in real-time results, companies should be looking at how to manage their search visibility and they need to be taking everything into consideration,” Mr Hird said.

A report published earlier this year by the Search Engine Marketing Professional Organisation found that 71 per cent of client-side B2B marketing professionals questioned pay to advertise on the Google search network.