The marketing industry is among the first sectors to show signs of recovery from the economic downturn, an expert has said.

James Charlton, a spokesperson for the Advertising Association, pointed to the latest Ashdown Group Job Index as proof that the marketing sector is beginning to rebound.

The index revealed a 4.88 percentage point increase in vacancies over the last month, driven by sizeable activity within the marketing sector.

Mr Charlton attributed the sector’s improved performance to the fact that marketing professionals are likely to be the first port of call for businesses looking to recover from the downturn.

“Advertisers, agencies and the media understand that even in tough financial climes, investing in creative, human capital is vital for a business to flourish,” he said.

Writing in New Business, marketing specialist Steve Sellwood recently said that offline direct marketing is currently undergoing a “renaissance”, with many firms beginning to acknowledge the fact that offline marketing communications drives significant traffic to their websites.

Posted by Daryl Jay, Business Development Director – Sales, Industry News, General Marketing

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