A new report has shown that mobile internet systems can extend the reach of a website by a significant amount.

Research from the Nielsen Company suggested that mobile internet can extend the reach of websites by an average of 13 per cent when compared against home PC traffic alone.

It added that some categories, such as weather and entertainment, benefited even more from mobile internet systems.

However, the report also showed that sectors like shopping and social networking sites did not benefit substantially from mobile systems.

“The data demonstrate that the mobile Internet can not only increase the frequency of visits to a website, but also grow the overall size of the pie,” explained Jeff Herrmann, vice president of mobile media at Nielsen Mobile.

“Publishers can now monetise their total cross-platform audience, and advertisers will better understand the efficiency and incremental value of mobile web traffic.”

Separate figures from Nielsen indicated that 13.7 per cent of mobile subscribers actively use internet services on their phone.

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