A free new hybrid mail service which aims to reduce the environmental impact of postal-based direct mail is set to be launched.

PDQit Back Office provides an automated postal service that enables companies to upload a mailshot template to a server with a customer database and send documents to be printed, enveloped and posted directly from a computer.

The system aims to make direct mail campaigns more convenient by eliminating the need to fill envelopes and frank post manually.

PDQit also aims to reduce firms’ carbon footprint by lowering the amount of envelopes, paper, ink and toner cartridges needed for direct mail campaigns.

According to the UK Oracle Group, PDQit Back Office can save the average company over 60 per cent on the total cost of producing and posting invoices and statements.

According to experts, at every point during the physical production of invoices and statements, companies incur unseen costs. Independent analysts estimate that it can cost as much as 86p to produce and post a single document.

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