A new website has been launched by data management firm, The REaD Group, which allows consumers to control what mail they receive.

The site named Itsmypost.com allows members of the public to register online and create a personal profile stating which companies they would like to receive mail communication from.

The service has been created in response to recent YouGov research showing that 75 per cent of people would subscribe to a mail screening service, reports Net Imperative.

Results from the same survey also revealed that 50 per cent of those questioned would be less opposed to direct marketing if the level of mail they received was more focussed.

Mark Roy, ReaD Group CEO, said: “Itsmypost.com continues to pursue The ReaD Group’s business model of creating ‘win win’ scenarios.

“Consumers will gain by getting what the research has shown they want and industry will gain by an improved trust and confidence in the medium.”

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