BSI British Standards and Magus are set to launch a brand new best practice standard for corporate websites.

Magus, the UK web compliance expert, has created Publicly Available Specification (PAS) 124 to define, implement and manage website standards.

This will govern the function, content and look of specific websites in-line with both internal and external requirements.

Simon Lande, chief executive of Magus, commented that it was important to maximise “website effectiveness” as the internet grows as a “critical business medium”.

“Businesses are actually reducing the impact and value of their web presence, despite the millions invested each year, because they are not implementing website standards successfully,” he added.

For the first time ever, PAS will provide a procedural-framework for companies to harness the potential of websites.

Among other things, this will enhance brand protection, along with managing risk by securing all intellectual property on the website.

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