A new scheme is set to be launched on Monday which will boost consumer confidence in online retail by providing more information about web retailers and help consumers to avoid online scams.

The tool is developed by the Trading Standards Institute’s European Consumer Centre (ECC) and aims to address issues such as non-delivery goods by allowing consumers to check sites’ reputation and ownership details.

It will include UK retailers but the ECC hopes it will also increase shoppers’ confidence in sites based elsewhere in Europe.

A spokesperson for the EEC told e-consultancy: “It’s there to assist consumers in making informed decisions when buying goods from traders.

“Only one in four people make cross-border transactions because rightly or wrongly, they don’t think they have the same rights as they do when buying from UK websites.”

Other schemes designed to promote the security of e-retail include IMRG’s Internet Shopping Is Safe (ISIS). ISIS-accredited retailers now account for around two-thirds of all UK online shopping.


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