Deb Goldstein, the outgoing IDG List Services President, has predicted that marketers will divert resources from the declining use of direct mail strategies to email.

“We now have to manage the decline in postal, while offsetting that with the increase in e-mail and other diversified data products,” she told BtoB Magazine.

Ms Goldstein, who is retiring in September from the IDG list company, has highlighted “deliverability” as the main obstacle now facing email as one of the most widely-used marketing channels.

“I’ve seen reports that up to 40 per cent of e-mail messages get caught in spam filters,” she said.

Ms Goldstein went on to cite the uncertainty of delivery success as another logistical impediment.

She explained: “The difficult part is there’s no way of knowing if your message has gotten to the recipient.”

Deb Goldstein was named List Leader of the Year in 2005 by the Direct Marketing Association’s List and Database Council.

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