Nuisance calls have become a common issue for the UK population with over 120,000 complaints being made between April and November 2013

Ofcom released details of the top 10 nuisance calls subjects in 2014, which can be seen below. They also reported that from 2013, PPI calls dropped from 22% to 13%, whereas misleading calls about solar energy and loft insulation rose.

  1. PPI Claims: 13% of calls
  2. Insurance: 9% of calls
  3. Home and Loft insulation: 8% of calls
  4. Market research: 8% of calls
  5. Home improvements: 7% of calls
  6. Energy: 7% of calls
  7. Solar panels: 6% of calls
  8. Phone and Broadband: 5% of calls
  9. Financial services and products: 5% of calls
  10. Accident claims and compensation: 4% of calls

For information on how to deal with nuisance calls, Ofcom has published new guides that can be seen here.

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