An expert has advised marketing professionals to build their brands inch by inch using quality direct mail content if they want to have any hope of earning respect.

Trevor Young, principal partner at strategy and communication advisory firm parkyoung, pointed out that marketing campaigns will have a much better chance of succeeding if they are strategically sound, properly targeted and based on solid, creative ideas that resonate with recipients.

Writing in the Marketing Mag, Mr Young explained that communications should not just be with end consumers, but should also incorporate other key influencers such as stakeholders, bloggers and the media.

“Earn attention by creating and leveraging strategic communication platforms or tactical ‘conversation points’ designed to get people talking via multiple channels,” he commented.

“If it’s sustained marketing success you’re after (versus merely short-term campaign-based hits), it’s important to understand the power of building a solid foundation of brand communications.”

Writing in the Marketing Profs blog, Michael Westafer, chief executive of web design firm Roger West Creative & Code, recently stressed the importance of building relationships with prospects before, during and after business transactions.

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