A bit like marketing today!

With so many channels to choose from, where do you put the X to reach your target audience: email, direct mail, social media, telesales?  So many to choose from. Not only that, but are you looking at the whole picture before you zoom in to one square?

In the picture above there’s only part of the ground that’s relevent. A bit like marketing where only certain targets will be relevent to your products or services.

To get closer to the centre of the spot you need more tools than just guess work. In marketing you can have pre-conceived ideas about your target audience, but are they correct? Historical data will give you a pretty good idea of who you should be targeting. But do you have the right tools to get there?  In football a striker generally has a better chance of scoring than a defender.  While an email may be cheaper and faster, does it get past the defence, e.g. spam walls/junk folders. Post may be slower, but can slice through to the goal very effectively because it can be more robust. You probably need to use a combination, which in football terms is the pass and and chip over the defender to the striker.

Enough football analogies for now. I’ll leave it for England to work their magic in the world cup. 

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