Marketers intending to reach businesses through direct mailing services this Christmas will be buoyed by the news that Royal Mail is stepping up its operations.

In a response to problems last year, the company will make evening and Sunday deliveries in a bid to deal with the inflated volume of mail, reports the Metro.

Meanwhile, in other direct mail news, research from CCB FastMap showed that 46 per cent of respondents thought unpersonalised leaflets were bad for the environment.

PrintWeek reported that the survey found this view is significantly different when it comes to personalised mail which may be sent to firms on business lists – only 20 per cent of participants in the study felt was environmentally-damaging.

CCB managing director David Cole told the magazine: “People really do believe personalised marketing items of all types are less environmentally harmful than unpersonalised ones.”

Another finding was that 92 per cent said that they would put time into living a greener lifestyle.

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