Marketers need to be aware that when it comes to advertising on mobile phones, the rules are different to other media, a new report has claimed.

According to the Forrester Research study co-author Christine Spivey Overby, advertisers need to be aware that data charges and the way consumers think of their space and their phone means that advertisers need to be careful how they approach them.

“When you get into these intimate media like a mobile phone you have to change the way you think about marketing,” Ms Spivey Overby said, according to Ad Age.

“You have to change the rules. It’s a new mobile mindset-replacing the view of interruption with value.”

Her study focused on the US, but the results are applicable everywhere, as they reveal that there are three main ways of mobile advertising: text messages with offers; banner ads on the mobile internet; and ad-supported applications and content.

Each has a disadvantage, from SMS messages being seen as the least immersive form, to mobile carriers thought to be reluctant to allow encroaches into “its” space by allowing outside advertising.

Forrester advised marketers to consider the medium and the message so that the right demographic is reached effectively. It also suggested that marketers seek out those unfamiliar with a campaign and ask them to find a value in it.

“Marketers can’t dismiss mobile,” concluded Ms Spivey Overby. “2007 is an exploratory year for most mainstream advertisers and we need to keep this in perspective because it’s still a very new market.”ADNFCR-8000151-ID-18022349-ADNFCR

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