Collecting real-time information on sales leads can help marketers improve the quality of their mailing lists and databases, an expert has advised.

Clive Humby, co-founder of dunnhumby, stressed that gathering crucial information about sales leads and prospects enables marketers to improve the level of personalisation they put into their marketing content.

Writing on Marketing Week, he pointed out that rather than being perceived as being too intrusive, marketing should see gathering customer data as a “win-win situation” because it helps to reduce the possibility of marketing strategies failing and not connecting with an intended audience.

“It means less wasted advertising and less wasted direct mail,” Mr Humby commented. “And it means more customer focus – with companies putting customers at the heart of their strategy.”

He added that clients themselves will be more than happy to cooperate and share their data if it means they will receive marketing content that is tailored to their needs and preferences.

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