Smaller firms should change their preconceptions about direct mail and realise that they too can benefit from the medium, an expert has said.

Gary Bohringer, of, said that direct mail is all too simply thought of as the preserve of much larger, established companies, but that need not be the case.

Writing on The Business Ledger, he explained that direct mail techniques can be affordable, testable and measurable if used in the correct way.

Mr Bohringer advised small firms to segment their mailings by diving them into small manageable groups in order to discover which message, offer and format combination is most effective for reaching their target audience.

“With each mailing, test a different element of your marketing,” he said. “Your first mailing could test a postcard against a direct mail letter; the winner becomes the control and your next mailing will pit the control against a new test piece to further improve your results.”

A recent report on BtoB Online advised marketers to make use of postal gimmicks in order to encourage brand engagement.

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