Spammers will continue to target firms in an effort to drum up sales as long as the technique continues to work, one expert has said.

Carole Theriault, senior security consultant for IT security specialist Sophos, has put pointed out that despite extremely low response rates, spamming, which often includes the use of business lists, continues to be a marketing strategy which can secure a return-on-investment.

She concluded: “Spam is motivated by money. So long as they [spammers] make money then they will continue spamming.”

Sophos’ security threat report, released in July 2008, revealed that a spam-related webpage is discovered every 20 seconds, with one in every 2,500 emails carrying infecting attachments.

Further data from the MessageLabs Intelligence Report for May 2008 has found that in that month, the global ratio of spam in email traffic from new and previously unknown bad sources was 76.8 per cent.

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