Incorporating incentives and offers into direct mail content will encourage more sales, an expert has suggested.

Mark Haslan of business advice website Overnight Prints maintained that promotions are one of the pillars of successful direct mail marketing campaigns.

He advised marketers to tempt sales leads with various offers such as sales discounts, free shipping and promotional items such as free merchandise.

“By utilising lucrative offers, entrepreneurs may be able to encourage customers to make purchases they wouldn’t have made otherwise,” Mr Haslan commented.

He added that whichever approach marketers use, they should always first and foremost determine the goal of their direct mail campaign.

Mr Haslan concluded that if customer acquisition and brand awareness are primary objectives, firms should consider promotions that will help them will break even, but if the bottom line is their main issue, they should opt for more conservative offers.

A recent survey by PreferenceCentral found that more than half of respondents would like to receive free content in exchange for targeted online ads.

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