Sometimes when we are aiming for spectacular results from our marketing without spending over the odds, we can be tempted to overlook the obvious in favour of the more complex. “Something that simple can’t possibly be effective can it?”

It often can…

To inspire you that marketing miracles are possible (without the need for a marketing degree plus a decade of experience to accomplish them), let’s share a genuine story with you about a business owner keen to attract the highest possible number of visitors to her exhibition stand. She specialised in providing information systems to other businesses. Exhibitions had proved effective in reaching the key decision-makers. Knowing that she was going to be awash at the event with much bigger competitors with all manner of elaborate stands and personnel aplenty she realised that she had to do more than simply pitch up with her biggest smile in tow.

And so, she set about creating a charming and relevant lumpy direct mail shot to send to potential visitors. The ingredients were pretty unexceptional: a letter and a mouse mat. The devil was in the detail. Her charming letter included:

  • testimonial from existing clients
  • the key reasons why clients chose her services over and above competitors
  • why the recipient should attend the exhibition and visit her stand
  • an explanation about the enclosed mouse mat – her X factor…

It was a pretty stunning mouse mat -as far as mouse mats go, taking full advantage of her corporate identity – a riot of vibrant flowers and images set against a zesty green backdrop.

The recipient was told that the mouse mat was part of a desk set which included two coasters, a pen pot and a mobile phone holder, all in the same dazzling style. If the recipient wanted the remaining four items they had to drop by her stand and say hello.

What happened? Not only was her exhibition stand packed out with visitors eager to claim their desk set, they were more than happy to talk at length about their requirements and to find out what she did in some detail. The gift had opened the door to a positive dialogue.

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