Put your plans for your B2B marketing campaigns on hold.

Ensure your marketing spend isn’t being wasted with our breakdown of the top three mistakes that could leave your direct mail campaign with egg on its face.

Remember – direct mail is expensive but when deployed correctly, can offer a fantastic ROI.

Make sure you get your campaigns right and find out how one company got it very wrong.

1. Database disaster

Your customer database holds the key to making the best ROI – but companies are wasting money by not exploiting its full potential.


It is essential to segment your database in order to create informed and targeted campaigns. This will create a stronger campaign that is more likely to nurture your leads.  

Direct marketing for B2B companies will only be successful if the right message is getting to the right people, at the right time.

Create persona lists and use your marketing knowledge to target messaging at genuine prospects, not generic ones.

2. Taking it personally

Your customers and potential buyers are human, reacting emotionally to a number of interactions which is why personalising your campaign is so important to eliminate any distance between your and your customers.


Make your customer feel valued and involved from the outset of your direct mail campaign.

  • Ensure the first thing they see when they open the envelope is personally engaging, compelling the customer to read on.
  • Speak the same language as your customers – be friendly, inclusive and open.
  • Provide them with content that is relevant to where they are in the buyer’s journey.

3. Having nothing to offer

If you fail to make a compelling offer to your customers your campaign could be rendered pointless.


Whenever a customer opens a direct mail, they want to know what’s in it for them. In order to keep your customers interested and loyal, it is essential to make an offer that can’t be refused. A strong, clear Call To Action is essential so prospects know what to act on immediately.

Consider testing your campaign against your persona lists, first by rolling it out on a small scale, testing timings, content and click throughs on CTAs.

How to do it…wrong

Costco fell foul of all of these mistakes and more when they sent out a direct mail which included the following clangers:

  • Targeting a sweeping range of customers rather than those who were more likely to open their message.
  • Not personalising their mailing and instead directing it at ‘Dear Member’, leaving a particular customer feeling rather undervalued.
  • Using a weak call to action of ‘contact us for more information’ which just won’t cut it in today’s direct mail campaigns.

How to get direct mail right

Make your B2B marketing campaigns shine by:

  • Ensuring your databases are thoroughly segmented so you are targeting the correct audience, as well as creating persona lists.
  • Personalising your content, making it relevant to where the customer is in their buyer’s journey
  • Creating compelling offers and calls to action.

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