The use of Twitter as a digital marketing platform is gaining increasing momentum among marketing professionals, an expert has said.

Jim Monks, chief operating officer at Twitter links aggregation service TweetMeme, said companies are increasingly using the social networking utility as a way of spreading and monitoring their marketing messages.

He explained that by measuring how many times a Twitter message is reposted, brands can keep track of where their marketing content is going and what is being said about them.

“There are all these real-time stories coming through, ranked by how many times they’ve been repeated by retweets, so you don’t read the rubbish, you only read the top stories,” Mr Monks commented.

He added that TweetMene’s retweet button can help companies’ online presence as it does not force people to leave the website when they retweet.

Recent research published by E-consultancy and digital marketing agency Guava found that Twitter is now the most widely used social media website for marketing.

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