An expert has suggested that online marketers can capture email leads by creating YouTube videos.

According to Larry Kim, founder and vice-president of product development at WordStream, creating online videos is an excellent way for a company to boost their exposure and catch the attention of potential clients.

Writing on Marketing Profs, he pointed out that investing in YouTube search engine optimisation is a way to ensure that people can find a company’s video and business on the web.

Mr Kim advised marketers to place relevant keywords in their videos’ title, description and tags in order to catch the attention of Google.

“Search engines can’t read video content directly, so you need to tell spiders and potential viewers what they’re in for by describing the content in the YouTube fields.

“Also consider including the URL of your company’s website in the description. Placing the URL at the beginning ensures that people can see it in the YouTube search results.”

According to Nielsen NetView, YouTube attracted more than 112 million unique visitors in January this year.